Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tater's Take: Eventide

Those of you who know me are aware that I have a son whom I affectionately call Tater. I am writing this from his perspective of a younger player, and talking about the new Johnny cards of the Eventide set.

First up is Helix Pinnacle, with a rating of awesome. This card lets you use your extra man to build up to an alternate win condition, and is already inspiring the Johnny's out there to cook up decks built around the card. All you have to do is play it on turn one, then set back and dump mana into it every turn until you win, and try not to die while you are waiting. Hey it's green so mana acceleration may be an option. In a word AWESOME!

Second up, also with a rating of awesome is Waves of Aggression. This card is great, I get a second attack phase, that's two times to smash face in the same turn. I get double work out of all my "until end of turn" stuff. Usually a turn is untap, draw, stuff, pound, maybe more stuff, go. Now it's untap, draw, stuff, pound, maybe more stuff, Pound Again, stuff again, go. With any luck they are dead before they get to go. Try it you'll like it, it's what all the cool kids are doing. It's awesome!

The last card I am going to talk about today is Doomgape. This card gets a rating of awesome. Yes they all get rating of awesome, that's just how we role here at Tater's Take. It's a 10/10, and gains me life for every creature I sac to it. I swing and deal ten damage, with trample so even if they have chump blockers, I get some through to the dome. So it's 10/10 with Trample, and I get life gain. Did I mention it's a 10/10? It defines Awesome.

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