Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thinning the Herd

I can't believe it took as long as it did, but it was well worth the work. After nearly 4 months of sorting, I now find myself a little over 40,000 Magic cards lighter. This bulk of excess cards has become a $200 store credit with CFB, a finished Legacy Merfolk deck, a fourth Goyf, 4 blue Onslaught fetches, several restricted Vintage cards, most of the cards I wanted from the current Scars block to date, and a handful of casual cards. Most importantly, all this bulk of under utilized cards is gone, and the room it took up is now empty. Not only can I actually find what I'm looking for far easier, even when a card has been misplaced. I also have discovered that the two bookcases in my office, are now empty, their sole purpose in life having been to house my massive Magic collection. They have found a better home else where.
Before the Purge
It was really amazing, not to mention startling, to discover just how much good stuff I had that I really and truly didn't even know about.
  • Oh look, a Bob. 
  • What's this? Nearly all the cards for a Legacy MR Goblins, don't mind if I do. 
  • Vintage cards: well, I guess I can take these off my buy list. 
In all, I probably found hundreds of dollars with of very playable cards, hiding right under my nose. They had simply been lost in all the clutter. My buy list has now shrunk back below $100, and I have the majority of my fetchlands.

I also located a small zippered binder, while in VA to sell this mass of cards. I had long since wanted one of these, in which to house the majority of my Legacy cards. What a difference all this makes. The core value of my collection can now be carried in a backpack, not a U-haul!
After 80% reduction

I have started to assemble no less then three new Legacy decks, with the ability to make any one of them main deck playable, with about $100. These decks hadn't even been on my radar, prior to this purge. Speaking as a person who only recently struggled to put together my first Legacy deck, I can truly say that options are good. Even in their current semi-proxied form, these represent a valuable testing resource for me, and the rapidly developing local Legacy community. I even have my eye on a Standard deck, based on the log standing Affinity archetype. My hope is the final expansion of the current block, will push this over the top.