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Monday, May 9, 2011

Skipping the Hype

So I managed to not attend a Prerelease even, and some how I survived. I don't even feel like I really missed out on anything. My Sealed skills have been so poor for so long, I mostly saved myself the frustration of watching my pool laugh at me all day long.

I've been giving the card selections for the new set a bit of thought. I've found that I can get a un/common set for about $35. Given that the one playset I know I want will run $20, this seems like a good way to go, and all but eliminates the need to open packs, or attempt to draft the set. In other words, for the cost of one playset, and one draft, I can have the whole set. Seems good.

I'm also thinking about doing the release event, but will most likely come down to what Tater wants to do. The draft could be a lot of fun for us both, and the promo card seems like a good addition to both of our collections.What ever excess cards we happen to get, could simply go to tater's box, as fodder for what ever deck he wants to builds at the moment. It would at the very least be a fairly inexpensive, and entertaining way to spend a Saturday.

In all, I've been very please with my decision, and ability to simply consume less cards. My collection for this block to date, still fits in a 500 ct box, making it roughly half the size I would normally have at this point. While I have resigned myself to not actively purge my collection again until next fall, I really find myself beginning to question my "need" for anything in the Extend field. My current collection is about 1/3 per Standard, Extended and Vintage. Dropping one format, which is really not on my radar int he first place, could easily allow me to drop three to four thousand cards with the fall rotation. Certainly worth considering. As much as I would love to drop another 80% this fall, I think anything over 50% may simply be too aggressive. Oh well, time will tell.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doing Something Different

Okay, here is something you have never seem on this blog before:

Put down the Magic cards cause it's free comic book day!

In a more topical vein, Wizards has released a Magic related comic as on of the freebies.

 What a great way to encourage reading in kids of all ages.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some new set: Prerelease Weekend

I titled this article this way, because for the life of me I can't remember what this set is called. After all the hype about who would win the war, and what this set would look like, I don't even know what it's called. I find that this is really indicative of my overall attitude about this set: I just don't care.

I really just don't care. There is hardly a handful of cards which even peek my interest. The cycle of Praetors seem kinda cool and swingy, but I think I can pick most of them up in trade. The fact that 60% of the Mythics in the set are Legendary (Karn) sends a clear signal that my suspicion about the next block will be Legendary matters is correct. Batterskull seems like a great equipment, but Standard not withstanding, is not worth it's current price. If Stoneforger Mystic rotates, it should drop like a rock. I really think there is a good case to be made that Stonforger will be reprinted in M12, but nothing definitive. The Sword is the last piece of a long cycle, and as such is nearly a must have.

The rares have a similar picture.  The Chancellors seem neat, but I suspect I can get them in trades for years to come, so no rush there. If I was going to play Standard, Hex parasite seems like the way to go. Standard not withstand, I expect I will still get one. Most of the other rares seem sort of niche, and there is no real way to know which (or more likely none) will take hold.

I think the one must own card in the set is Mental Misstep, as it is bound to have cross format impact. I have not really done the math yet, but it may make busting packs worth wild on it's own? With all this in mind, I'm not sure if I will be going to the Prerelease or if I just want to throw a few bucks at packs?