Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Rotation Update: Welcome to Innistrad

So Fall has come around, and along with the cool weather is the annual rotation. So Zendikar has rotated out of, wait what do you call it, oh yeah Standard. The good news is, this has next to no impact on me at all. I've slowly come to the realization that Standard just holds no interest for me, so I've written it off completely. I've been toying with the ideas of waiting until after the Standard rotation of a set before even really worrying about picking up any new rares or mythics for my casual deck. This should allow me to miss out on all the Standard price inflation, and pick up some much better values on the cards. Secondly, I should have a much better idea of what cards I really want, and cut back on things that end up in the bulk sell bin before they are even used. When I go back over my notes from Zendikar block, I find that my initial lists are much larger then what I really want now.

So what is there on my acquire list for the rotated block? Great question, glad you asked! The good news is this list is really small, since I have already managed to trade into a one-of-set of all the lands I wanted. The mythics consist of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and a Lotus Cobra. Only two mythics out of a block containing over a 100. Wow, I only want less the 2% of the magic cards being printed. It's a shame that these two cards carry a combined price of $65, if I'm lucky enough to find used copies, but that is still way better then getting these even a month ago. When it comes to rares, I find that not only is there not a single one I want that I have not already traded into, but that I have dozens which I no longer want.

This brings me to the annual Fall purge of cards, and wow do I think this is going to be a big one! I expect I will be down to a little over 1000 cards total after this one. This will basicly be an even split between proven casual cards, my Standard legal cards plus my Legacy Zoo deck. This sell off should not only cover everything on my acquisitions list, but also all the organized play I expect to do for the next year, with a good bit left over.

Next up, the Innistrad set. I opted not to play in any of the Prerelease events, primarily as the promo card was not of interest to me, and thus the event didn't represent stellar value for me. My son and I did decide to play in the release draft, mostly as a source of entertainment, not as a Magic decision. We both played miserably and dropped with 1-2 records after the 3rd round. I did manage to draft 2 of the new rare dual lands, essentially covering my cost of entry, and we did have fun despite our miserable win record.
I found the set to be very flavor full, and fun to draft. I found the new flip cards to be a hassle from a play perspective, because of the constant upkeep checks in every turn. I expect the up coming seasons including these cards will be filled with many game state warnings.

Lastly on my magic mind today, are some updates to the site. Extended has again proven to be less then relivent over the last year, not only to me but to the community at large. For this reason it is being eliminated as a searchable article tag. In related new, the new Modern format has not yet proven it's relivence to me, and I have opted not to add it at this time. I am going to keep the Standard blocks as searchable tags at this time. Despite my own lack of interest in the format, the vast majority of organized Magic played in the world continues to be in the Standard format.