Monday, July 14, 2008

Deck Evolution: Eventide Pt. One

This weekend I attended the Eventide Pre-release, and spent my time at the open dueling station. I have to say I was very impressed with the over all balance and power of all the theme decks. There really didn't seem to be a dominate deck, each was able to win against the field. The deciding factor often appeared to be which deck got off to a smooth early start. In this article I will discuss the over all strengths of each deck, and how they contribute to our existing card pool from the Lorwyn and Shadowmoor super block.

First up is my MVP deck, the B/W Life Drain. This deck ties into our Kithkin, but has a strong enough concept to be playable with no other support needed. Both the rares, several uncommons, and even a few of the commons have the potential to be chase items in the near future. This is heads and shoulders above the others from the budget player perspective.

Next up is what I believe to be the dark horse of the precons this season, the B/G Death March. Both the rares in this deck are playable, and I think the infinite combo possibilities with Quillspike will make this deck a favorite with budget players. This decks retrace functions will also couple well with the dredge mechanic of the casual or extended table.

Not surprisingly R/W Battle Blitz is our corner deck. This is a good marriage of red beat down and white weenie, but is predictable and leaves very little room for growth or creativity. Ironically it is very weak against removal heavy decks, and plays loose against the mirror.

Next up is the U/G Super Abundance deck. This deck needs some time to get going, but ties in well with our existing token generating cards. Monstrocity, and snakeform have the potential to be abused by the right deck, but I'm not sure we have the right card pool to pull it off.

Pulling up the rear is the R/U Sidestep. This deck clearly offers the least to our card pool, only weakly supported by our basic utility spells in these colors. We do have a loose tie in with the rogue theme, but is not heavily supported by this deck.

Tune is next Monday as we add one of these decks selected at random, a booster pack of Eventide Cards and the foil promo to our prior card pool to see what value and fun we can add to our experiment.

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