Friday, July 25, 2008

State Of Magic: Saying Goodbye to Friends

Magic is a game in which we see many people come and go. They leave, and often come back for a variety of reasons. This week I have the duty of wishing one of our mutual friends from the Scifi Community farewell, and good luck. Nick, or Nagi as many of you know him, is moving on from his duties as lead Magic Organizer, and Judge to explore other options as he transitions from his recent High school Graduation to College. Since Nick will be staying in the area, I hope he stops in from time to time for a visit, and if we are lucky he can join us for FNM from time to time.

It was nearly 3 years ago when I stopped in for my first FNM at SciFi. On that particular night it was myself, my son (just turned 7 at that time), Zac (then organizer and Judge), and Kirk (now on sabbatical from Magic). We had a good game that night, but were unable to sanction with DCI due to a shortage of players. Over the next couple of months SciFi's Magic Community, grew to the point of being regularly sanctioned, and Zac opted to step down his duties for personal reasons. We still see Zac from time to time, but not as often as the old timers like myself would like. Nick, scruffy haired kid that he was, stepped up to fill Zac's illustrious shoes. There have been some growing pains, but through it all Nick has seen us through. Since that time our fledgling community has grown to garner some recognition from DCI and has become a focal point for the Magic Community in North Carolina. This goes out as a thank you to Nick for shepherding our little flock as we have grown, and to SciFi for giving Nick, and the Magic Community at large the room to grow.

I do not know exactly what the future holds for Magic at SciFi, but I do know that there is a future to be had. Magic at SciFi has grown to have a life of it's own, it no longer stands upon any one mans shoulders. It still amazes me each week, the number of new faces coming in, and the way this community never fails to welcome them in, and offer support for those learning the trade. We have been through it before, and we will go through it more times than this. There will be growing pains, errors, but in the end it will be the good times we remember, and relate to the newest members among our community, like ancient Greeks telling of their histories and legends.

This Just In

Thursday Scifi announced several updates which are outlined below, originaly posted by Zack Boyd.

1) Thank you to Nick for seeing us through the past many moons of Magic and being there to let Jennifer and I know what's going on with the Magic community. His last Friday night shift will be on August 1st.

2) In Nick's absence, I'm going to need your guys' help. If there's something that's bugging you, something you'd like to see at FNM, a Magic event you'd like us to run, or just to kick around some ideas, send Jennifer or I a PM/e-mail and let us know. Or, let Pam know. Which brings me to #3.

3) Pam will start working Friday nights this week. She will be Sci-Fi's MtG "lead organizer" after Nick departs. It will take her a while to get into the swing of things, but I'm sure she'll do fine once she does.

4) In the near future, we will be setting up a laptop at the counter for FNM. This laptop will have DCI on it for running tournaments and internet access so you can check StarCityGames and whatnot when you need to.

5) As a few people have said, we're not looking to hire someone for FNM. If any of the level one judges would like to judge the events (even on an occasional basis), we'll be happy to put him down as Head Judge on DCI for any events he presides over. We will keep the actual running of the event in-house, so that there will be no obligation for anyone to show up and run the event who is not actually on staff. And for when our level one judges aren't here, everyone pretty much already knows which people to defer to about rulings.

Congratulations to Pam, and I will see you all tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww I love you 2 Phil

I wish Magic at scifi the best of luck. goodluck to Pam aswell.

as for everyone else, thanks for putting up with me and thanks for comming out.

I should stop by from time to time.

-Nick "Nagi" Pribac