Monday, July 21, 2008

Deck Evolution: Eventide Pt. Two

Good Day, and welcome to our on going experiment to take budget play to it's limits. Over the last few weeks we have stretched our $20 budget to it's to the extreme by attending each prerelease event and participating in open dueling. So far we have attended Lorwyn, Morningtide, and Shadowmoor. With these three event uder our belts we have amanged to assemble a pretty incredilble card pool. We have a playable card pool in all five colors, with strong utility support in each.

This week we are attending the Eventide Prerelease, and receive the U/B Life Drain deck, a randome booster pack, and the Overbearing of Myth promo card, leaving us with $5 to selectivly spend on singles. The sealed product contents are detailed below.

2 Apothecary Initiate
Archon of Justice
Divinity of Pride
Goldmeadow Moth
2 Gwellion Hedge-Mage
2 Kithkin Zealot
3 Nip Gwyllion
Resident Mentor
Restless Apparition
2 Safehold Sentry
2 Smolder Initiate
Soul Snuffers
Suture Spirit
2 Voracios Hatchling
Batwing Brume
Beckon Apparition
2 Recumbant Bliss
Rite of Consumption
2 Soul Reap
2 Syphon Life
2 Unmake
14 Plains
10 Swamps
Nettle Sentinel
Cinder Pyromancer
Fire at Will
Inside Out
Edge of Divinity
Antler Skulkin
Oona's Grace
Snake Form
Kithkin Zeolot
Merrow Bonegnawer
Voracious Hatchling
Rugged Praire

Now the first thing to do here is trade of our Promo Overbeing of Myth, Divinity of Pride, Archon of Justice, Rugged Praire, and our prior Rhy's the Redeemed for a grand total of $27.50 in trade value. I am going to finish out our playsets of Unmake, Voracious Hatchling, Spitemare, and Twinblade from the current set. These add strong support to our new W/B theme and our Elf theme.

Since I still have $21 in trade value I want to look back over the block for items that will enhance our collection. I select the following cards to round out our trade value.

4 Knight of the Meadowgrain
4 Wizened Cenn
2 Drove of Elves
Imperious Perfect
2 each of the white, blue, black, and red vivid lands
4 Icy Manipulator

We are now left with our last $5 to spend on average singles to added to our collection. First off I want to round out play-sets of Right of Consumption, Devoted Druid, and Quilspike. This combo is just too good to resist and adds a nice option to our deck contructions. This our remaining $2.80 I select the following cards to enhance our options.

2 Gwyllion Hedge Mage
4 Cenn's Enlistment
4 Double Cleave
3 Edge of Divinity
3 Merrow Bonegnawer
Nip Gwyllion
4 Scourge of the Nobilis
4 Dream Thief
3 Monstrify
3 Oona's Grace
4 Puncture Blast
3 Snakeform

This final card pool really excedes all my expectations. We have well over 450 cards in our collection, not including basic lands. Of these all but about 11 cards fit nicley into a reasonably strong deck concept. That is roughly 98% highly playable. We can easily play all 5 colors in either a primary or support role, and can field 4-10 deck concepts, from any of the following which I have place in order of my perceived strength;

Elf Token
WB Life Gain
GW Untapper
GB Quilspike Combo
RW agro
Kithkin (mono white, or W/U)

Starting today I will set up a poll asking you the readers to select the five decks that interest you the most. I will build the top contenders as of 5 oclock on Tuesday, and test them against other casual decks, and report the results next week. Thanks to everyone for their help in this ongoing project.

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