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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shards of Alara: Budget Collection Deck Building

Welcome back. Today we will attend the Shard of Alara prerelease event and use our $20 budget to participate in the open dueling event. I am pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to the 41 card Intro deck, and 15 card booster pack, that we also receive the foil promo card for the event. Although Wizards definitely trumped my last article, I really feel like I nailed the content of the new intro packs pretty well, and find myself in familiar territory sitting down for this article.

I have selected a Bant Intro pack for our purposes. Although it is not the most budget friendly of the intro packs, I feel like it's theme lends itself to the budget/new player the most and is really easy to play. For our $12 investment in the prerelease open dueling event we will get the intro pack, a random booster, and the foil prerelease card. I'm also going to recommend something a little different, and visit our local budget friendly game store and pick up a play set of the none chase commons for $4 in cash. We also need to put our promo card up fro trade, since it is off shard.

The remaining chase commons of Oblivion Ring, Relic of Proginitus, and Wild Nactal can easily be hard for $6 in trade. Pack contained Knight of the White Orchad, Bant Charm, Quasali Ambusher, and an off shard land that we trade for a Seaside Citadel. I recommend putting the Knight of the White Orchid , and the Knight-Captain of Eos up for an additional $7 in trade.

With my trade stock I will pick up 2 Bant Charms, a Quasali Ambusher, a Rhox War Monk, 3 Sigiled Paladins, and a pair of Whispersilk Cloaks. I'll use my remaining cash to pick up 2 each of Bant Battlemage, Dawnray Archer, Jessian Infiltrator, and Rhox Charger. In an unexpected last minute trade I was able to give up 2 wild griffin for a third Quasali Ambusher.

This now gives us a complete set of Shards commons
3 Bant Charm
3 Quasali Ambusher
3 Seaside Citadels
4 Rhox War Monks
4 Sigiled Paladin
2 Bant Battlmage
2 Dawnray Archer
2 Jessian Infiltrator
2 Rhox Charger
Angelic Benediction
Kiss of Amesha
Battle Grace Angel
2 Suntail Hawk
2 Pacifism
2 Whispersilk Cloak

This really gives us an incredible card pool to work with. A complete set of commons, 25 uncommons and a rare is really a lot to get fro $20, but is very attainable for somebody willing to invest a little time. Our rare and uncommons are clearly focused on our initial deck build, but we have a common base to explore and develop our collection as the block evolves. Clearly our deck is going to focus on the Bant shard, and the exalted mechanic. My next budget article will suggest a basic deck build using only this card pool, and develop a side board for competative play.

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