Tuesday, July 8, 2008

At the End of the Day: Statistical Failure

Once upon a time there were two friends passing an evening playing pack wars. If you don't know pack wars is a Magic variation that takes 3 of each basic land and shuffle sit into a newly opened pack of Magic cards. That is 15 basic lands, and 15 other cards. In this particular game I had pile shuffled twice followed by a bridge shuffle, and a cut from my opponent.

I then preceded to draw all land for my opening hand, confident that my next few cards would be gas, I kept the hand, and my opponent played first. I drew a land, and passed turn. I then proceeded to draw every land card, all 15 over my next few turns, before I finally drew any kind of real spell.

Just for S&G's I figured up the odds of this happening at approximately 155.1 million to one. Failure of epic proportions.

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