Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eventide: The Budget List

Today we are going to talk about he top 3 cards in each rarity to acquire from the budget perspective. In each case, these are the cards that are either already chase, and expected to go even higher, or the ones that are sleepers.

In commons the early stand out is Unmake. This is going to see play in Standard, and maybe post standard extended. Next up is Quillspike. Any card that enables an infinite combo at the common level is going to get a second look, and is bound to be a chase card in the near future. Last but not least is Snake form. It's removal and card draw in a nice under-cost package. This one may not go up in value, but it is going to get hard to find quick. This could easily be a first pick in pack three for many folks.

Uncommons bring more to the party, although we will not see the ridiculous uncommons of Shadowmoor. Spitemare is a house, garage, and pool in a great neighborhood, with good schools. In other words it's worth picking up. It has already become a chase item, and I don't think it is anywhere near done yet. No very rare, still pink in the middle. Look for this one to go over a dollar in a future near you. Think of Voracious Hatchling as the low mileage trade in at your local car lot. Not only does this thing have the potential to be the most efficient beat stick in the box at the uncommon level, but it is a great source of negative counters to boot. Do we know a color that likes to play with negative counter? Oh yeah, Black- 'nough said. The last pick is a toss up, and depends on what Shards has in store for us. If I'm right about Shards, then Twinblade slasher is a late addition to the Elves deck, and may not have a real glory day, making Dream Fracture the best pick in the long term. Could go either way at this point, so place your bets!

Now on to the Rares! This may be the last set that we have chase rares, but they gave us some good ones. Everyone knows the lands are good, and the prices already reflect that, we will move on. Bloom Tender has mana abuse potential all over it. If anything the problem may be what to do with all the mana, in a Standard that is not X intensive. If this card doesn't see $8-10 I will be shocked. B/W is just to much potential not to have someone break it for a really effective deck, and I'm betting that Divinity of Pride is going to be in it. When it happens (yes when, not if) this card is going to double overnight and then some. The biggest shocker of the set is Wake Thrasher. The headline reads "Blue gets an under-costed Beat Stick: Goyf unavailable for comment." Waker may not hit Goyf prices, but is will hit strong double digits, and take the wind out of Goyf's sails. If it was only in a color that was known for tapping and uptapping permanents to abusive potential...oh wait it is in Blue!

Folks if you heard it hear first- great, if not hear it again: Extended isn't even expected to wake up for another 3 months, but when the sleeping giant gets hold of these cards they are going through the roof.

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I believe Quillspike is an uncommon, I might be wrong though