Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eventide on the Horizon

Eventide will be with us shortly, and half the set has already been leaked. There are a number of cards to keep and eye. One of the best spoilers is maintained by mtgsalvation.

I am really surprised that Death Rattle and Thornweald Archer are not included. Puncture bolt has the making of being the best direct damage, creature removal printed in recent history. I think this may rival Lightningbolt, but only time will tell.

Tilling Treefolk will be a hot limited pick to partner with the new retrace mechanic;
Retrace (You may play this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card in addition to paying its other costs.) Retrace has the potential for breaking, but he chroma mechanic looks to be very week, and narrow. It may provide some narrow sideboard options for future standard.

Cauldron's Haze, and it's instant persist has the making of a chase uncommon, as a combo with either Wraith of God, or Damnation for instant board advantage. Instant speed also makes it a great answer for Firespout.

Nip Gwyllion is similar to Mourning Thrull, but without the flying will not have the same impact. Edge of Divinity has the potential to replace Un/Holy Strength as a core set addition. It really is not clear if hybrid's will make it to core set, but it looks like a solid attempt to print a 2-4-1 replacement to long time core staples.

The rare lands are going to be worth getting in any color combination which you play, but everyone sorta saw this coming, and I expect the best ones were printed in Shadowmoor.

So far the common scarecrows are an utter disappointment, and the other artifacts of the set are not expected to be much better. You expect the hybrids to be a little underpowered in order to balance cost for their added versatility, but the real surprise is a lack of solid mono-colored spells. This set looks kinda week so far, but there is still hope for the later half of the cards.

I find myself more interested in Shards of Alara then I am Eventide.

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