Monday, July 28, 2008

Deck Evolution: Lorwyn/Shadowmoor Block Deck

The voting was pretty cut and dry with the Quillspike combo coming out on top. I have to say I was a little surprised at how little interest was shown for Faeries, and Kithkin, and how much was for Merfolk and Goblins.

This will be an interesting test of our card pool, and will really stretch the limits of our utility card base. This combo did not exist in any sense prior to eventide, and black is definitely one of our least supported colors in our card pool.

I have reviewed our available card pool, and opted to go with a very basic build. This deck will revolve around the combo, and have a few support cards to help put the combo together, and few few tricks to help stabilize if things go badly. The basic idea is to drop Devoted Druid on turn two, followed next turn by Quillspike, and combo off for the large creature win, or rites out shortly after. This deck really has to go off with in the first 5 turns, or it really starts to flounder, the good news is that is can go off roughly 40% of the time with in those few turns. Once quillspike resolves, there is very little disruption that can put this in check short of a hard counter spell on the rites.

4 Vivid Grove
16 Forests
4 Swamps
4 Devoted Druid
4 Quillspike
4 Rites of Consumption
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Scuttlemut
4 Terror
4 Civic Wayfinder
4 Gravedigger
4 Kitchen Finks

I have been testing this deck againts what I perceive as the strongest block decks out there, Faeries, Kithkin, and Merfolk. Both Faeries, and Merfolk present enough control to cause a stumble, but Kithkin is pretty much a toss up. Tune in next week, when I will report the results against each member of the field, look for answers in out pool, and address a side board to answer the field for better win ratios.

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