Thursday, January 28, 2010

Worldwake: New Technology

I was looking over the set last night, attempting to find some edge to take into this weekends events, and stumbled across something pretty fresh.Give this a try this weekend, if your pool gives you the opportunity. I think you will find that it's a solid level up.

Turn 1: Play a fetch land.

Turn 2: Play a basic land, and Wind Zendikon the fetch land.(This works with any of the enchantments, but I like this one best.)

The created creature is fairly exceptional. Not only is it a creature in a traditional sense, but it becomes a super blocker. Us it as a chump blocker, and before damage resolves, sac the fetch land. You prevented the impending combat damage, searched up a land, and returned the fetch to you hand to be played again.

I'm not say'n, I'm just say'n!

This same technology can be applied to any profitably sac'ed land.

Anybody play Wasteland in Legacy?

Did Dark Depths Combo, just get a free repeat as a back up plan?

Gargoyle Caste 2.0?

Gemstone Mine again anyone?

Krosan re-Verge-d ?

Lake of the Dead?

Lotus Vale?

Will Mouth of Ronom give you opponent the cold shoulder?


Strip Mine!

Seems Good!

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