Monday, January 4, 2010

My Life in the Zoo: Legacy Pt.6- A Cinderalla Story

Wow, talk about unexpected! If you a regular reader in this corner of the multiverse, you probably already know that I made the decision to set a zero magic budget for 2010. With this decision, I had accepted that I would simply not be able to enter all the events I may want to, and that I'd have to compromise some to have others. This fact, and my recently Goyf-less state, led me to the decision to forgo Sunday Legacy events this month, and have funds to enter some of the Worldwake Pre/release events at the turn of the month. I opted to go on Sunday because I still wanted to do what I could to support the Legacy movement, and maybe I'd be able to get in a test game or two between rounds. As it happened 11 other players came out for the event, and I ended up getting sponsored into the event, so as to keep the number of players even. I scrambled to remove the proxies from my deck, and thanks to everyone that gave me use of resources on the fly. The list I ended up with is listed below. Wouldn't you know I'd have my most sucessfull day of playing Legacy, when the prize is going to someone else?!? I am still happy to say that the glory, and DCI points are still all mine. MMM Glory!

Kavu Predator x4
Kird Ape x4
Woolly Thoctar  x2
Qasali Pridemage x4
Wild Nacatl x4
Grim Lavamancer x4

Invigorate x3
Lightning Bolt x4
Sylvan Library x2
Swords to Plowshares x3
Punishing Fire x3
Umezawa's Jitte x2

Arid Mesa x4
Ghost Quarter
Grove of the Burnwillows x4
Sacred Foundry
Stomping Ground
Temple Garden
Terramorphic Expanse
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills
Forest, Mountain, Plains 1 each.

Tormod's Crypt
Ethersworn Canonist x3
Red Elemental Blast x3
Pyroclasm x4
Pithing Needle x4


Round one was against Ben. The pairings scared me from the start, but I ended up having 2 nearly perfect games in a row. Good thing Ben wasn't playing the deck I expected him to be playing. Game one I didn't take any damage, but I think Ben had a mana deprived hand, and never got over it. Game two, Kird-Kitty, and Grim Lavamancer went the distance.

BG Disruption
Between rounds, Crispy wandered over and we got to chatting about the format, as we both tend to do. I new Jeff had a different deck this week, and I really hadn't seen it. Turns out he was to be my round two opponent. Game one was a land slide victory for Crispy, started off with a Dark Ritualed Hypnotic Specter on turn one, and it just never let up from there. I boarded in Pithing Needles, and went on the control front, winning game two on the back of the Punishing Fire Combo pulled off over 12 times! It's slow but it works. Game three went the same route, and went to time, and I miss-played going into turn 5, and forgot to PFC for one point of damage, having enough to win in hand if I had. Good to know I still suck at this game!


Already off my game from the miss-play, and no time to get my head right because of going to time, I jumped right into round three against Justin, our resident Pox player.All I could think was, man this is going to be a long day. Pox is a winnable match up for me, but it's like doing jumping jacks in a swimming pool. Something must have been wrong with Justin's hand or something, because my deck did what it does, and I walked through game one with ease. Unfortunately, being of tilt, I didn't realize that it was an easy win, and I didn't board for game two. Justin was able to capitalize on my over confidence, and beat the living fool out of my with disruption and recurring threats. Game three was slug fest, and we ended up in time. I swear nothing unnerves me more then a judge trying to move the game along when I'm trying to calculate a probability on the fly. I've done most tf the math that applies to Magic, and know most of the stat plays pretty cold. But every now and then, you run into something new, and have to grind it out on the spot. Hooray for theoretical statistics in turn 1 of time! It's amazing how much of an advantage a card like Sylvan Library brings. Well despite not being able to recheck my figures, I made the right play, and topped into the card I needed in the position to use it, and won the match in turn 5.

Round four pairings were announces, and of course I drew Richard, who has to be the most experienced Legacy player in our group. Damn, it's gonna be a long day! Game one went to me with the Kavu beat down. Richard brought in some tech for Game 2, and I boarded Needles and REBs. His tech was better then mine, and ended up using my beef eaten Kavu to beat the heck out of me. Game three I was back on my game, and Richard just didn't have any answers, so the match wen to me.

Turns out I ended up in second place, despite the second round draw. This put my decks over all record to 19-20-1. So close to turning the corner, but not quite there. This deck went the distance despite it's troubling lack of Goyfs. I was right about Grim Lavamancer making up a lot of the ground I lost when I had to drop Goyfs from the list, and since they are a lot more budget friendly then Goyfs, I will have to find some budget wiggle room for them, since Goyfs are still a long way off.


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Good Job Phil!

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Well done Sir!