Friday, January 1, 2010

December 2009 in Review

Well this was a big month for our little corner of the multiverse, the biggest yet in fact. This month is the first time we had over 1,000 unique hits on the site. this is no surprise, since this was also our biggest month for content, with 15 articles, from 5 authors. Thanks to everyone for making this such a huge month for us.

Legacy continues to be the soup of the day, with several events having been held locally. I'm pleased to say that we have several new members of the community, due primarily to the Legacy efforts. I've talked with several players, and we are going to try something new for Repack this month, shifting the events to mid-afternoon on Sunday. We will be forced to cap the events to three rounds, but I don't see it as being a problem.

You may have already noticed that the Calendar function has already been removed. It worked correctly for a full day, and then never again. It looks to be a programming issue, which I hope will be resolved, but since I didn't write either of the codes, I have no idea if or when. So, I've done the next best thing I can think of, I've added a list of links which would be relevant to local players; forums, formats, events, retailers, buyers, and local shops. If you think of anything I've left out, let me know. I've also started focusing more on the article labels. Using several broad categories, you can click on the labels at the end of each article, and find other entries of similar content or interest. Hopefully this will help new visitors explore their interests.

2009 was a great year, not only for our little site, but for Magic in general. The Magic 2010 set, and the Zendikar set may be the two most popular consecutive releases in Magic history. 2010 has three large set releases scheduled, so we may see an even bigger year yet.

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