Monday, August 4, 2008

Deck Evolution: Eventide Quillspike Combo

This particular deck has a lot going for it. It's cute, it's sexy, it's cheap, but in the end it's a fragile 3 card combo, and we lack the support cards to make it a house.

The combo is fairly easy to draw into, and to get off in 5 turns or less. My testing confirmed that it is possible roughly 40% of the time. The problem tends to be that you have an opponent. Because this combo requires 3 cards to work effectively, and one of them must come out a turn earlier, you are wide open to a variety of disruption. Just hitting the highlights, Oblivion Ring, Unmake, a small but effective host of counter magic, and a variable arsenal of spot removal will take down a key piece. While we have some options, to stabilize, it normally is not enough to put this deck back on it's feet.

In the end I think the card pool we have assembled offers much better options. A more stable deck based on creatures, and creature control will give a much more reliable win option based in skills of the game rather then luck.

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