Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Art of the Rare Draft: Simulator

Like everyone else on Tuesday, I spent some free time playing around on the new mothership. All in all, I am pretty impressed, although I did find the new navigation a little hard to figure out. I think minor learning curve adjustments should settle that out.

One thing I was most impressed with is the new draft simulator. I applied my patent pending draft tech to the simulation and got some remarkable results. I was able to draft $72 in binder worthy cards. I win! Who cares at this point if you scrub out in the first round? I walked with 2 pain lands (both in colors), 2 relentless rats, pithing needle, Squee, Beacon of Immortality, and Windborn Muse, and nine other cards worth a $1 trade value or more.

I was able to build a some what clunky BWU deck featuring a number of good creatures for limited like Nantuko Husk, Festering Goblin, Phantom Warrior, Tundra wolves, Severed Legion, and Phyrexian Rager. In the JohnnieK limited theory, I did well with 15 creatures, but came up lite on removal. I also manged to pick up at least 3 cantrip effects, and 2 fog effects. With just a little luck I think this deck could steal 2 packs of prize support, bringing the value of this draft to an unprecedented $80.

I really enjoyed the draft simulator, and recommend giving it a try. It is well designed and functional. I like putting my skills and theories to the test, and look forward to a new draft pool next week.

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