Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Budget Player Forcast: Color Focused

Moving forward this fall with the new block, I think it is going to be resoundingly clear that color will continue to be a dominant factor in deck selection. For this reason I intend to take a hard look at the existing color pie, and make some sort of determination as to the overall strength of each color. Since I am a budget player first and foremost. I will begin by looking at the commons.

In the category of stand out commons we have the following list.

Faerie Trickerie
Llanowar Elves
Oblivion Ring
Shard Volley
Shield of the Oversoul
Wild Griffin

or put another way

White 3
Blue 3
Black 2
Red 2
Green 2

There really is no clear leader here based on on the numbers, but is the hype and rumors are to be believed White's enchantments here are in a very strong position moving forward. With Alara having been forcasted as a non-traditional human based environment, Green's Llanowar elves has to be discounted putting it in a clearly inferior position to the others.

In moving into the chase uncommons, we see a slightly different picture with a list to long to post with well over 60 cards for consideration. When broken down by color you find the following;

White 17
Blue 13
Black 17
Red 16
Green 21

When we combine these figures with those of the commons, a pattern begins to emerge, putting Green in the forefront, with the other colors trailing behind. It is broadly accepted that Alara will begin as a block distinct in it's regards to the aligned intersection of the colors. When we look at he tri-color intersections we find that the pattens begin to become more distinct, Red/Green followed by White/Green quickly become our strongest intersection.

WUB 59
UBR 55
BRG 53
RGW 60
GWB 61

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