Friday, May 21, 2010

Warp World: Reentering Standard on a Budget.

I've been out of Standard now for a long time, too long honestly. People can give a lot of reasons for not liking Standard: It's boring, It's too expensive, It rotates to fast, but the fact remains that the majority of sanctioned Magic is Standard. If you want to play in a sanctioned event with any regularity, you have to play Standard. On the other side of the coin, I've been in love with Legacy for the last 9 months or so. While nothing has changed in my love for the eternal format, I've found that I allowed myself to fall into a trap. While I have done very well focusing my limited budget into assembling an ever growing Legacy arsenal, I've nearly exhausted my resources, and don't have the funds to enter Legacy events. Doh!

So it seems to me at least, that the best thing I can do to try and leverage my remaining resources, is to hit some Standard events. Now comes the real problem. You see in my mind Standard really is boring, expensive, and rotates too fast. in fact Standard for the past 2 years has been defined by 3 or less tier1 decks. Currently, these decks can range not only hundreds of dollars, but the deck to beat is about $700. Clearly a tier1 deck is out of the question, since it defeats the budget driven purpose of getting back into Standard. So whats a guy to do? How do you fight decks powering out planeswalkers and not break the bank? Warp World!

That's right Super Friends, I just resolved Warp World. Scoop up all those planeswalkers, shuffle them in, and ...oh yeah, they can't come into play as Warp World resolves. Any of them you flip will just go to the bottom of the library. Basicly you want to build the deck full of permanents, ideally that "do stuff" when tehy come into play, or create card advantage by creating tokens. Not only are most of the cards I need cheap, but I should already have enough stuff to fill out the deck. So lets see what I can come up with.

Creatures (28)
Bogardan Hellkite x4 (187's direct damage)
Grazing Gladehart x2 (landfall's life gain)
Nest Invader x4 (makes a token which ramps)
Broodmate Dragon (brings a friend, and evasive)
Avenger of Zendikar x2 (brings a friend, landfall pumps plants, and synergy w/ Khalni Garden)
Rampaging Baloths x4 (landfalls to make creatures)

Bloodbraid Elf x4 (it's good)

Ob Nixilis, the Fallen (landfall win condition)
Siege-Gang Commander x2 (187's brings friends)
Elvish Visionary x4 (187's card draw)

Spells (8)
Warp World x4 (yeah!)

Trace of Adundance x4 (mana ramp, fixing)

Land (24)
Scalding Tarn x2
Khlni Garden x4
Rootbound Crag x3
Mountain x3
Raging Ravine x2
Forest x4
Misty Rainforest x2
Arid Mesa
Marsh Flats
Verdant Catacombs

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