Monday, March 1, 2010

Rise of the Eldrazi is all Colorless!?!

Now that's Big!

Please note the card number is 6 of 248. This means if they stick with traditional set numbering, that this set is most likely all colorless, having no colored mana symbols in the costs. It could also indicate that there have been a change to the numbering system, and that either colorless creatures come first, or that all Mythics or Eldrazi spells come first. My money is on all colorless, after all they just did the first all gold set!

Please note how the art extends into the frame. I love it! is this something we will see on all future cards, just this set, just Eldrazi? Don't know but I like it.

In other news, this little corner of the Multiverse had another stellar month. Both January and February generated +1400 unique hits to the site.

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Justin said...

I’m pretty sure that spells of no color that are not artifacts come before colored. This would be a very bad, BAD!, set if everything was colorless. But I am now very exited to see what gets spoiled next!!!