Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Backpackers Guide to Zendikar

I've been a long time backpacker, and really have enjoyed the many opportunities to travel the multiverse in this manner. You just havn't lived until you spend the night on the streets of Ravnica, tried to find a soft spot to take you boots off on Mirodin, or seen the water falls of Kamigawa. The most challenging multiverse backpacking trip I've taken to date would hands down be Zendikar. I do know several folks who had a mind to set out and explore places like Phyrexia, or Grixis, but I never really heard much about their trip.

First off, this is not a trip you are going to want to take alone, you simply must bring along some allies. When selecting your company, be sure to give it some thought. While the Survivalists from Oran-Rief are sure to have anything you may have forgoten, the Sell-Swords from Nimana just don't bring as much to the party. The Berserkers from the Highlands are great around the campfire, full of songs and ale, but the Bards of Joraga are sure to keep you up all night. A Master of Blades is ever vigilant, and quick on the draw in a fight. Clerics are always a welcome addition to any party, and Archers are nice for taking down wild game while on the move. The Grunts from Tuktuk stink to high heaven, but they do keep the party moving along. Diabolists tend to be a little dark, but really keep dangers at bay. Pyromancers are a nice addition, but should not be left in charge of the cooking, or everything will be overcooked. Rangers make great scouts, but can be hard to find, so be sure to contract with your guide well in advance.

Now that you have your party selected, it's time to give some consideration to your Adventuring Gear. Your backpack should be selected with great care, as you will be (hopefully) living out of for some time. There is just no substitute for a Trusty Machete, but a smaller folding nice is also a great thing to have. A good set of Boots allow you to walk those hard to find trails, and Blazing Torches can be put to a number of good uses. An Expedition Map, and Explorer Scope are really required to see the most of the lands you explore, and you will get twice as much out of your trip with a good Grappling Hook, as many places are otherwise not accessable.

Remember that the success of your trip is often determined before you even leave home, so pick your companions, and gear wisely, else you may end up on the Carnage Altar!

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