Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I play 5-color (or what ever it's called these days)

I've had a lot of question recently regarding why I choose to play 5-color(or the format that was recently 5-color), and really this is better answered as why I don't play other formats. This question has been spurred lately by the changes to the 5-color format, and the very recent announcements regarding From the Vault: Exiled last week. So I had spent the last couple of weeks piecing together on the subject, when I stumbled across a very good article on the subject. While it does not match my opinions exactly, it does do a very good job of mirroring them.

So without further pomp and circumstance, please visit SCG, and give it a read. The article also mentions Chris as it's inspiration. Many people may not like this article, or the one which inspired it because frankly it's making fun of you. If you manage taking them to heart, they really does have a lot of incite.

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