Saturday, June 5, 2010

Warp World: Pt.2 Putting it Back in the Lab

So after a very unimpressive FNM, I figure it's time to put this deck back in the lab. I only one 3 games, and only one of those was going off with Warp World. The deck just seems to be a little to slow on the ramp, and many times I had great cards in my hand I just couldn't cast. Many early turns, I had nothing to do but play a land and pass.. Even worse, there was more then once I was drawing dead on an already full grip, and having to pitch cards to the yard. Ugh!

I found several list which were running Growth Spasm, and had initially dismissed it since it wasn't a permanent. After a new round of testing, I've decided I was wrong. It ramps, and puts two permanents into play. Plus it leaves extra cards in my library in a post ultimate Warp World scenario, making it tougher to get milled out with my triggers on the stack. I experimented with a second Ob Nix, but ultimately concluded that I hate the Legend rule, or more specifically the fact that it doesn't use the stack.

The mana base also needs some tweaks. It turns out that non-fixing fetchlands are almost completely counter productive for this decks landfall concept. So all but the Verdant Catacombs are getting cut for the appropriate basic lands. I really love a deck that is actually better as it gets cheaper! I lucked in to a trade fro a second Verdant catacomb, but still find that I need a second black source, so I'm not totally dependent on Traces to get Ob Nix out of my hand. Having him in hand rally sucks, since he is a primary win condition for the Warp World effect. I'm also beginning to hate Raging Ravine's CitPT clause, but I am not quite ready to cut it, since it does give an alternative win condition. So here is my V2.0 list:

Creatures (24)
Avenger of Zendikar x2
Bogardan Hellkite x4
Broodmate Dragon
Elvish Visionary x3
Emrakul's Hatcher x2
Kozilek's Predator x4
Nest Invader x4
Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
Rampaging Baloths x4

Spells (11)
Growth Spasm x3
Trace of Abundance x4
Warp World x4

Land (24)
Forest x4
Mountain x7
Swamp x2
Khlni Garden x4
Raging Ravine x2
Rootbound Crag x3
Verdant Catacombs x2

The more I play with this deck, the more I like it. I will lose 5 cards to the Fall rotation, but expect they will be fairly easy to work around. My real concern is Warp World, and it's potential exclusion from M11. I obviously don't want this to happen, since it will utterly kill the deck. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, and enjoying the deck as much as I can between now and then.

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