Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Little Islands: Legacy Report Decmber 20, 2009

Submitted by Mike Lewis (luudes from scifi)

So pretty good turnout, if we keep slowly getting one or two new faces then this thing might pick up!
So 12 people, 4 rounds. No byes for Mike M this week!  I start off against a new face in the room, (a ugrad at Duke… I should keep notes so I would remember his name). He just threw a deck together to come out and see what legacy is like. It was mostly a standardish monogreen elf ramp deck.  He would try to get rofellos in play and a couple of elves and ramp into a quick overrun. I’m playing my rocky top build (Ubg countertop). 

Game 1 I lead with a hierarch and a top while he gets mana dork into mana dork. He gets rofellos down when I don’t have countermagic (and don’t know what to counter).  He then gets some three drops through a counterbalance/top softlock and proceeds to beat my face.
I board in propaganda and EExplosives. He doesn’t have a sideboard.

Game two I am able to EE away his early mana dorks. Counter garruk, steal lotus cobra with a sower of temptation and then use the cobras landfall and the cobra itself (sac that shizzle) for a natural order. Master P got there.
Game three is similar; EE with academy ruins is good. Esp with bob in play to get a zero cc on top. I finally steal an elvish archdruid to sac and get the fourth mana for order to get master P stomping face. This was actually a long game three and turn one of five saw him staring at that big hydra and a propaganda… I win shortly.(2-1, 1-0)

Round two I am playing Justin with pox.
Game one he starts doing his thing but Im able to get a hierarch to help smooth out the Land D effects. After he hymns me three times, the board gets stalled me with a goyf (5/6) him with a tombstalker but I get a bob to push through his mishra workshop, crucible of world infinite block routine. That with a well timed smother gets in the lethal damage right before his stalker and bloodghast finish me off
Game two Justin is on the play and has to mull to 5 and a 5 he isn’t too happy about. He goes land, ritual, hymn; he gets to my hand before my turn one but has exhausted his. I have two lands and 1 top and 1 brainstorm, his hymn gets brainstorm and one land but the other land with top in play is enough to get my card selection right for the first few turns and Justin just wasn’t able to draw into any gas after expending all his resources. I was able to find enough land and was able to rip a natural order off the top. I was sure to have a few dorks in play before going for order because I knew he had many opponent sac a creature effects. P got there as he usually does. (2-0, 2-0)

Round three Im playing Jared playing what I guess is bant natural order although I didn’t see natural orders but all the other banty favorites.
This was basically a mirrorish match, he had path I had smother. Anyway, game one I keep a four land hand, with no gas but a little draw. I have a few early spells countered and have to daze twice with puts me so far off my land drops that I can’t recover. I lose game 1 to beats from a clique I think. (2 daze come out for spell pierce, 2 propaganda also come in). (0-1)
Game two gets a little drawn out, we both have counterbalance with no top. I land a turn two goyf, counter his sword to plowshares (spell pierce is awesome post board in this match esp when on the draw) .  The counterbalance is stupid and neither of us counters a single spell with it due to lack of a top. That turn two goyf got there.  At one point he had a clique and thought he could flash in a second to double block the goyf, well he did get to target himself to dig for removal but then he lost both creatures before blocks (cough cough legendary cough). So I win that one. (1-1)

Game three he launches out of the gate with a hierarch into turn two clique. The double exalted on the clique which beats me 19à14à9.  I was able to steal the clique and then force through a natural order for master P.  (2-1, 3-0). Sower was really really good in that matchup.  Also propaganda is awesome, and I would almost main deck them for our little metagame as everyone is trying to win with beats. 3-0 (6-2). 

Bert (playing dredge) and I are the only undefeated at this point so we draw in the last round (3-0-1, split).  In our play testing, I oddly enough won the first game (although Bert tried a few lines of play he probably wouldn’t have had the match counted) and then game two and three I mull into oblivion without ever finding  a hate card (and I sided in 2 propaganda, 3 EE, 3 leylines and 1 ravenous trap).  Fun tourney and I hope the new guys keep showing up.  Thanks everyone for coming out.

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