Monday, November 2, 2009

October in Review: Building my Legacy

A couple of quick record keeping issues. First off, I'm proud to announce that our little community effort here, continues to push forward, with just under 1000 unique hits per month, for the 3rd month running. While Grimjack continues his perspective on 5-color as a format, and Zendikar joins the card pool, I took a slightly different roads with a couple of comedic entries this month. All of of these efforts well received. Repack continues to be well received as a format, with many new and returning folks being drawn to this wildly unique alternative. The repack card pool continues to grow, and we are on the verge of bringing the repack process entirely under local control.

Our communities EDH obsession seems to have been abated for the moment, with a new interest in the Legacy format. I contribute this shift to 3 primary factors. First, Jedi Jed's preparations for Gencon, have run their course. Secondly, Blake's relocation to ECU, and the local Judge community's social obligations, has really left the EDH movement without a champion. Last, and certainly not least, the efforts of Jeff "Crispy" Abbott, has refocused many players attention to the Legacy format, providing a much needed alternative to the still stagnant Standard deck options.

I to have been effected by this shift in focus this month. My EDH deck, as a subset of my Deck of Many Things, stays fairly well tuned, with new cards entering the mix as soon as their merit is identified. Repack has become a pretty stable format, well received, and word of mouth appears to be taking the message to the streets. Standard is different post rotation, but every bit as stagnant. These facts have combined to allow me a broad scope of time to endeavour in Magic in new ways. In short Legacy gave me something to do.

And do I did. I went with a Zoo deck, because it is relatively cheap to build, with many of the key cards being commons. This deck also transitions well, through Extended and Standard, making my card investments pull triple duty in many cases. Lastly the combined efforts of so many minds pulled together a nice synergy for the list, building on the Punishing Fire, Grove of the Burnwillows combo which is recently popular. We opted to add Kavu Predator, and Swords to Plowshares, to build on the concept.

After only a week of playing Legacy test decks, and about 4 days of prep, I found myself trekking to Blacksburg VA, to enter my fist DCI sanctioned Legacy event. Special thanks to all those who assisted in this effort, without who's insights, help, and often cards, I never could have entered this event with any hope of doing well. Ultimately, I was able to field this list. I think it has some nice synergy that can be developed.

Kird Ape 4
Qasali Pridemage 4
Tarmogoyf 4
Wild Nacatl 4
Kavu Predator 4
Knight of the Reliquiry 2

Sylvan Library 2
Lightning Bolt 4
Swords to Plowshares 4
Lightning Helix 2
Punishing Fire 4
Umezawa's Jitte 2

Plateau 2
Savannah 2
Taiga 2
Windswept Heath 2
Wooded Foothills 2
Arid Mesa 4
Grove of the Burnwillows 4
Forest, Mountain, Plains 1 each

True, I scrubbed out at 0-4, but I had a tun of fun doing it. Crispy is often heard to say that "A bad day of Legacy is more fun then a good day of Standard", While I can't say it was better, it was every bit as good, and something I plan to continue. My next challenge will be to cook this list down to something that I can field on a regular basis, with out having to beg, barrow, and steal the parts.

My biggest hit will be in the land base, since I simply can't field this stellar construct that Lewis developed. In looking at my shopping list, I find several things that I planned on getting, that will help considerably. For about $80 I can pick up a Plateau, Savannah, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills. Grove had not been on my list, but I think it is worth investing in at this point, adding another $20. I think the Rav shocklands make a decent substitution to the original duals, and since I already have a one of set, it's a cheap fix. This gives me the following mana base.

Arid Mesa
Grove of the Burnwillows x4
Sacred Foundry
Stomping Ground
Temple Garden
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills
Forest, Mountain, Plains 1 each.

With less fetches in the build, I think I need to go up a land to 22 from the original build, which gives me a total of 6 empty slots. I'm really undecided as to what to do with those six slots, but look forward to exploring the options over the next week. Maybe I'll get lucky, and pick up 3 more Arid Mesas in trade this month?

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