Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What the Future Holds

A while back I posted on the SciFi forums, about the title of the Zendikar novel, The Teeth of Akrum. It didn't take long for some one to question why they should be interested in the title of book that wouldn't come out for another year. Well folks, here is why. This week one of those stubs was up dated, to give the entire background story for the Zendikar block.
"Lurking in the space between the aether and the physical plane, there is a great evil waiting to emerge. Zendikar is a land of danger and adventure, a world of deadly risks and priceless rewards. It is also a prison to one of the most deadly species known to the Multiverse: the dreaded Eldrazi. When our story opens, part of the mystical containment spell that has kept the Eldrazi captive for millennia has been breached.

The brood lineage, the Eldrazi minions, have been released and are poring over the plane, devouring everything in their path, but the swath they cut across the land is nothing next to the destruction that the still-imprisoned Eldrazi Titans will wreck once released.Nissa Revane, a planeswalker and proud elf warrior of the Jorga Nation, is witness to what the brood lineage can do. She sees that they pose a bigger problem than most suppose. Sorin, an ancient vampire planeswalker, knows this as well as anyone because he was among the original jailers of the ancient scourge. He has returned to Zendikar to make sure the Titans do not escape.

They both want the Eldarzi threat extinguished but each has their own agenda. Nissa wants the Eldrazi off her plane entirely. Sorin wants to put the lock back on their cell. And there are still others who want the Titans to escape.Together they set out across the land on search of the Eye of Ugin, the source of the Eldrazi uprising, where they will face what could be their final challenge. Will the Eldrazi escape to menace the Multiverse once again?"
So the vampire is a good guy, sort of?

What kind of creature is the Eldrazi? Will it be mono-black like the Phyrexian menace? My guess is they are colorless, but more on that later.

What up with the Eye of Ugin? How is it releasing this new threat from it's prison? Where have we heard that before?

Boom! There it is. Ghostfire baby. Futuresight is back to the future.
Only those gifted with the eye of Ugin, the spirit dragon, can see his fiery breath.
Rise of Eldrazi is the name of the last set (was pretty established already). The Word Eldrazi appears in the Zendikar Orb of Insight 2 times, most likely in flavor text.

Ugin the spirit dragon will play some part in Worldwake or Rise of Eldrazi.

Zendikar will feature a strong mono-color undertone, and Worldwake will build on this in some manner. The third set Rise of the Eldrazi, will feature colorless spells.

This leads into the next block titles, which we know to be a return to Mirrodin, and Phyrexia.

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The Orb does not check flavor text.