Saturday, June 20, 2009

From the Wire to the Soap Box: The Sky is Not Falling

There have been a lot of recent changes to the world of Magic, so lets jump in.

First up, the M10 Rule Changes. Now, I will leave the wheres and whys of this to the better minds then I, but to sum it all up, this is not that big of deal. Creature combat is the only significant change, and 6 months from now, it will be second nature. Mogg Fanatic does get a down grade, but the few cards which are inversely effected are well worth the potential new blood that will come into the game thanks to simplified combat mechanics.

While we are talking about M10, the rumor season has started in full swing. That's right Lightning bolt may be making in 21st century debut. In that vein Ball lighting has been confirmed. The net result is It's a good time to be JD, or for the sleigh in general. Zac aka "Rage Quit" has pledged fewer mid-game walk outs, in the event that he owes me John's deck over the reprinting of Lightning Bolt. Frankly I think everyone wins in this one.

And Speaking of Generals (sort of), the world of EDH has some changes this week. The most powerful general met the ban hammer, and a few other banned cards received new life. Fastbond + Crucible of worlds = just silly! I really don't get what they were thinking about on this one? Oh, and John sorry I never got the "treat" of taking on Braids. I can't help but notice they didn't ban this until you started playing it. Broken!

The DCI also brought us some BR list changes, which I think opened Vintage up a bit. Is it too much? Only time will tell, but honestly I think most of these cards were way over due for a status change. Thirst for Knowledge perplexes me a tad, but it may be a change in anticipation of the Mana Drain effect of the rules changes. Honestly not sure why else they would have restricted this card, in a format they appear to be opening up a bit. Maybe someone else can clue me in on this? ***edited 06/22/2009: Someone explained this, and now it makes much more sense.

While it is true that changes has been coming at us pretty fast, the sky is not falling. In the scope of the game, all of these changes are pretty minor, and I am certain that the truly skilled Mages out there will be able to ride them out. There is only two ways the Magic truly ends, if you quit, or if they quit making changes, and it becomes stagnant. Keep an eye on Wizards this week, as they continue to announce the Sweet sixteen survivors as they become the elite eight. Thats right folks, now only eight cards can claim the eternal status in the core set. Nightmare has been confirmed as in.

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