Thursday, June 19, 2008

At the End of the Day: PTQ Burlington, Weave for the Win!

Submitted by Jeff Darran (phfantom on Scifi Genre,

This was my round 5 match at PTQ Berlin in Burlington NC on June 7th. My deck is KithkinWeave, containing cards for which I got asked many times (why are you running that???) I will post my decklist at the end, but for those who want to keep track, I’m 2-0 against Faerie decks.

Game One went my way. I raced through fast and hard and he was not drawing his counterspells. Game Two I got crushed, a faerie deck with mana and counterspells in hand is harder to deal with than an angry bear in a phone booth. This brings us to game three. He may have been a tad mana screwed, but I will lay out all the turns for you. I am on the play, and while I don’t remember my starting hand, I remember what I played.

Turn 1 – I play Windbrisk Heights (hiding a Mirrorweave underneath). Opponent plays a land.

Turn 2 – I play a plains, manifest a Knight of Meadowgrain. Oppenent plays a land.

Turn 3 – I play a second Windbrisk Heights (this time hiding a Wilt-Leaf Liege). I tap my other 2 lands for mana, playing Wizened Cenn.

Turn Knight of Meadowgrain sideways, watch it get Namelessly Inversioned. Opponent plays a land.

Turn 4 – I play a land, and cast a Spectral Procession. You could have watched my own jaw hit the floor as it sticks and I get my 3 spirit tokens. I refrain from swinging with the WizenedCenn as I don’t want to provoke a nameless inversion. Opponent plays a land (notice a trend yet?).

Turn 5 – I play a land. Declare attack phase. In response, my opponent taps out, plays a cryptic command, tapping down my creatures, and returning one of my spirit tokens to my hand (2 spirits and acenn on board now). Since he has tapped out, I take this opportunity to play the other Spectral Procession in my hand. (1 Cenn, 5 Spirit tokens). opponent plays an land, and passes turn.

Turn 6 – I play a land, and move to the attack step. My opponent again responds with a cryptic command, tapping down my would-be attackers and returning another spirit token to my hand. I move to 2nd main, manifest a Cloudgoat Ranger, with its 3 kithkin tokens and pass turn. At the end of turn I have 3 kithkin tokens, a Cloudgoat Ranger, 4 spirit tokens, and a Wizened Cenn. My opponent plays a land, manifests a Shriekmaw, killing my Wizened Cenn.

Turn 7 – I play a land. Move to attack phase, turn my guys sideways. He declares the shriekmaw as a blocker on one of the kithkin tokens. After blockers are declared, I tap a plains and Windbrisk Heights #2, revealing a Wilt-Leaf Liege. My opponent groans. I then tap a second plains and Windbrisk Heights #1 to reveal the Mirrorweave.

My opponent grumbles something like “Oh My God” but I think there were cusswords in there. There would have been if it was me. So I have 8 creatures on the board that are all Wilt-Leaf Lieges. I am swinging with 8 creatures that are all 18/18, and he has a 4/4 blocker that is blocking one of them. He dies, scoops up his cards and starts packing up. I am still trying to figure out the damage. Turns out, I was swinging with 144 and 126 made it through. I offer that if he had just let the first attack go through, I would have had him then. Some how I sensed that he was not comforted by this.

So, at the end of the day I was left, with my 4-3-1 record, this great story, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you swing for a gross of damage.

As promised, the decklist

13 Plains
4 Mutavault
4 Rustic Clachan
4 Windbrisk Heights

4 Spectral Procession
2 Surge of Thoughtweft
2 Militia’s Pride
4 Mirrorweave

4 Goldmeadow Stalwart
4 Goldmeadow Harrier
4 Wizened Cenn
4 Knight of Meadowgrain
3 Wilt-Leaf Liege
4 Cloudgoat Ranger

2 Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
3 Oblivion Ring
3 Pollen Lullaby
3 Wispmare
4 Burrenton Forge-Tender


the_magi said...

I just wanted to go on record, and thank Jeff for this recounting of his match. It seems that Jeff alwasy has wonderfully entertaining stories, and has made many games memorable.


Anonymous said...

I thought that was a good story, until I read the one about the Pupeteer Clique and the Cloudthreshers in BDM's article today. Wow, this block is silly. :)